Stylish and Comfortable Ballet Flats Review

By Athena

The Clara Ballet Flat by White Mountain is a stylish and comfortable shoe that has garnered positive reviews for its quality and design.

I recently purchased the Clara Ballet Flat and was impressed by its overall comfort and durability. The thick, rubbery sole provided excellent grip, and the cushiony insole with extra arch support kept my feet comfortable throughout the day. The rounded almond shape of the shoe was flattering and did not make my feet appear elongated, unlike some other flats I have tried. However, I did find that the shoe ran slightly large, causing some heel slippage. Adding heel cushions helped resolve this issue, and I appreciated the flexibility it provided for potential foot swelling.

Comfort and Style in Leopard Print

The CLIFFS BY WHITE MOUNTAIN Women’s Shoes Clara Ballet Flat offers both comfort and style for those who love a touch of leopard print in their wardrobe. Made with durable materials, these flats provide a thick, supportive sole and a cushiony insole with extra padding in the arch area. The rounded almond shape of the shoe ensures a comfortable fit without exaggerating the length of your foot. Despite initial concerns about the color and fabric strips, the real-life appearance of the shoe is deep, rich, and true to a classic leopard print design.

Sizing and Fit Considerations

While the CLIFFS BY WHITE MOUNTAIN Women’s Shoes Clara Ballet Flat is generally true to size, some users have noted issues with heel slippage due to the shape of the toe. For those in-between sizes, adding heel cushions can help achieve a better fit. The shoe’s width may vary for individuals with wide feet, with some finding the toe box to be shallower than expected. However, for those with narrower feet, the standard size may provide a perfect fit. Overall, taking into account individual foot characteristics can ensure the right size and fit for maximum comfort.

Versatile and Office-Appropriate Design

For those seeking a versatile shoe for office wear or everyday use, the CLIFFS BY WHITE MOUNTAIN Women’s Shoes Clara Ballet Flat offers a stylish and comfortable option. Designed to be worn all day, these flats provide cushiony support and a durable sole. Users have reported that these shoes are suitable for long workdays, offering a level of comfort comparable to specialized comfort brands. The classic black color makes them a suitable match for various work outfits, providing a stylish yet functional footwear choice.

Quality and Durability

The CLIFFS BY WHITE MOUNTAIN Women’s Shoes Clara Ballet Flat is praised for its quality construction and durable materials. Users have noted the thick, rubbery sole that provides non-slip traction, making them suitable for various walking conditions. Despite initial stiffness, the shoes are expected to break in over time, offering long-term comfort and support. The well-made design ensures that these flats are not merely a seasonal shoe but a lasting addition to your wardrobe. Whether for everyday wear or extended use, these shoes are built to provide lasting comfort and style.


        In conclusion, the Clara Ballet Flat is a great value for its price, offering excellent comfort and style. Despite the initial sizing issue, the shoe proved to be well-made and durable. I received compliments on its attractive design and found it to be a versatile option for both casual and office wear. I would recommend this shoe to others looking for a comfortable and fashionable flat option.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Are these shoes true to size?

        Answer: While some customers find the sizing accurate, others mention a potential for heel slippage due to a slightly larger fit.

        Question: How comfortable are these shoes for all-day wear?

        Answer: The cushioned insole and supportive arch make these shoes comfortable for extended wear once broken in, though some users initially find them stiff.

        Question: Are these shoes suitable for wide feet?

        Answer: While some users with wide feet appreciate the width, others find the fit to be too wide in some areas and too shallow in the toe box. Arch support may also be lacking for those with high arches.

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