GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots: Warm, Durable, and Slip-Resistant

By Athena

The GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots are a popular choice for winter footwear, offering waterproof and slip-resistant features. With a high product rating and over 20,000 reviews, these boots have garnered attention. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these boots and provide a comprehensive overview.

I purchased the GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots for my teenage son in preparation for the winter season. We opted for the youth size 7, which gave him extra room for thick socks or double layers. The boots were warm, durable, and provided a snug fit. The fuzzy interior lining added extra comfort and insulation. While we haven’t tested them in the snow yet, I am confident in their quality and would recommend them based on initial impressions.

Warm and Durable Snow Boots

The GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots are praised by customers for their warmth and durability. Many reviewers mentioned that these boots kept their children’s feet warm even in cold weather. The boots are made with high-quality materials that effectively protect against the cold. Customers also noted that the boots are durable and can withstand rough play and outdoor activities. Overall, these boots provide reliable warmth and durability for children during the winter season.

Comfortable and Snug Fit

Customers appreciated the comfortable fit of the GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots. The boots are designed to provide a snug fit, ensuring that children can move comfortably without any restrictions. Reviewers mentioned that the boots fit well and didn’t cause discomfort or blisters. However, a few customers did mention that the boots may feel slightly wide at the top, making them less adjustable for a snugger fit. Despite this minor issue, the majority of customers found the boots to be comfortable and well-fitting for their children.

Waterproof and Sturdy Construction

The GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots feature a waterproof construction that impressed customers. Reviewers appreciated the boots’ ability to keep their children’s feet dry even in wet snow conditions. The boots are made with sturdy materials that maintain their shape and prevent slouching. This feature ensures that snow doesn’t enter the boots and keeps children’s feet dry and protected. Customers also mentioned that the boots have a sturdy build, making them suitable for outdoor activities in different terrains.

Easy to Put On and Take Off

The GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots are designed to be easy for children to put on and take off independently. The boots feature a Velcro closure system, allowing kids to secure the boots quickly and easily. Parents appreciated this feature as it saves time and allows their children to dress themselves. The boots’ design also ensures a secure fit once fastened, so parents can trust that their children’s boots will stay in place during outdoor activities.

Nonslip and Grippy Soles

Safety is a top priority for parents, and the GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots deliver with their nonslip and grippy soles. Customers praised the boots’ ability to provide traction on slippery surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. The soles have a good grip, allowing children to confidently walk or run on snow and ice. Parents were pleased to find that their children remained stable and secure while wearing these boots.

Mixed Reviews on Waterproof Performance

While most customers found the GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots to be waterproof, a few reviewers expressed disappointment. Some customers reported that the boots leaked, even in dry snow conditions, contrary to the product’s waterproof claims. Additionally, a few customers mentioned that the boots took longer to dry compared to their previous snow boots. However, it’s important to note that these negative experiences were not shared by the majority of customers.


  • Warm and durable boots.
  • Slip-resistant for added safety in cold weather.
  • Fits well and provides extra room for thick socks or double layers.


  • Some customers found the boots to be too wide at the top and couldn’t adjust them for a snugger fit.
  • A few customers experienced leakage in the boots, despite them being advertised as waterproof.
  • The boots take longer to dry compared to other brands.


    Overall, the GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots have exceeded my expectations. They offer warmth, durability, and a comfortable fit. The waterproof and slip-resistant features ensure that my son’s feet stay dry and secure during winter activities. Despite the slightly wider fit at the top, these boots are a solid buy for any child in need of reliable snow footwear. I am satisfied with my purchase and would consider buying them again in the future.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these boots warm enough for winter?

    Answer: Yes, customers have mentioned that the boots are warm and have a fuzzy interior for added softness and warmth.

    Question: Can these boots handle snowy conditions?

    Answer: While there haven’t been specific mentions of snow performance, customers have found them to be durable and slip-resistant, which suggests they should handle snowy conditions well.

    Question: Are these boots suitable for children to put on independently?

    Answer: Yes, customers have mentioned that the boots are easy for children to put on independently, thanks to the Velcro closures.

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