Discover the Comfort and Style of Nike Roshe One Running Shoes

By Athena

The Nike Roshe One Running shoes have been gaining popularity among users for their comfort, style, and reliability. With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and over 1,400 reviews, these shoes have caught the attention of many fitness enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Nike Roshe One Running shoes and provide insights into their overall performance.

I recently purchased a pair of Nike Roshe One Running shoes and have been thoroughly impressed with their performance. From the moment I put them on, I could feel the exceptional comfort they offer. The shoes are incredibly lightweight, allowing for easy movement and flexibility during workouts or everyday activities.

The design of the Nike Roshe One shoes is simply stunning. The color options available are vibrant and eye-catching, adding a touch of style to any outfit. I particularly love the softness of the material, which provides a comfortable fit and prevents any discomfort or irritation.

I have worn these shoes for various occasions, including the gym, school, and even a night out with friends, all in the same day. Surprisingly, they never let me down. The Nike Roshe One shoes provide the perfect balance of support and cushioning, allowing me to stay on my feet for extended periods without feeling fatigued.

Comfortable and Versatile

The Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes have received rave reviews for their comfort and versatility. Customers have praised them for being comfortable to wear for long periods of time, whether it’s for a workout at the gym, a day at school, or a night out with friends. The shoes are designed to provide a great fit and support, ensuring that they don’t let you down in terms of comfort.

Stylish and Cute

Another aspect that customers love about the Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes is their stylish and cute design. The shoes come in various colors, and customers have particularly praised the amazing color options and softness of the material. The shoes are not only comfortable but also look great, making them a perfect choice for those who want to sport a fashionable look.

Quality and Durability

Customers have consistently rated the Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes highly for their quality and durability. Many reviewers have mentioned that the shoes are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. Despite regular use and wear, customers have found that these shoes hold up well and maintain their shape and support over time.

Great Fit

The Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes offer a great fit, according to customer reviews. Many customers have mentioned that the shoes fit true to size and provide a comfortable and secure fit on their feet. Some reviewers have also mentioned that the shoes are slightly narrow, so it’s recommended to size up if you have wider feet.

Minor Cons

While the Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes have received overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are a few minor cons that some customers have mentioned. Some reviewers have found that the insoles of the shoes are not as cushioned as they would like. Others have mentioned that the shoes can be a little narrow in the front, but this can be addressed by using a shoe stretcher or breaking them in over time.

Good Value for the Price

Customers have generally found the Nike Women’s Roshe One Running shoes to be a good value for the price. While Nike products can be on the pricier side, customers feel that these shoes offer good quality and performance, justifying the cost. However, a few reviewers have mentioned that they found the shoes to be slightly pricey for what they offer compared to other options on the market.


  • Nice, comfortable and reliable! These Nike Roshe One Running shoes are praised for their comfort and dependability. They are great for the gym, perfect for school, and even suitable for a night out with friends.
  • Cute and stylish! Customers love the design of these shoes, with many describing them as super cute and great quality. The color options are amazing and the shoes have a soft feel to them.
  • Good fit and sizing! Many customers find that these shoes fit perfectly, with one reviewer mentioning that they are a size 6 and the shoes fit them perfectly. The fit is described as great, and the shoes are comfortable once you start walking in them.


  • Inaccurate product photo. One customer mentioned that the shoes they received did not match the photo shown. They expected an all-black shoe, but the bottom and swoop were white with striped laces. This was disappointing for them.
  • Insoles are not great. Some customers mentioned that the insoles of these shoes are not of good quality, comparing them to cardboard. This may be a downside for those looking for more cushioning or support.
  • Slightly narrow fit. A few customers found the shoes to be a little tight around the foot, especially around the middle. They suggest that the shoes are a tad narrow for their liking.


    In conclusion, I highly recommend the Nike Roshe One Running shoes. Not only do they offer exceptional comfort and style, but they also prove to be reliable and versatile for various activities. The positive reviews and high rating speak for themselves, showcasing the satisfaction of numerous customers.

    Whether you’re looking for a reliable running shoe or a stylish everyday sneaker, the Nike Roshe One is an excellent choice. With its comfortable fit, attractive design, and overall performance, it’s a worthwhile investment. Don’t hesitate to give these shoes a try – you won’t be disappointed.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these shoes comfortable for all-day wear?

    Answer: Many customers find these shoes to be comfortable, especially once you start walking in them. However, some customers have mentioned that the insoles are not great, so it may vary depending on personal preference.

    Question: Do these shoes run true to size?

    Answer: Most customers find that these shoes fit true to size. However, there have been a few mentions of the shoes running slightly narrow, so it may be worth considering sizing up if you have wider feet.

    Question: Are these shoes suitable for running?

    Answer: While these shoes are called “running shoes,” they may not provide the same level of support and cushioning as specialized running shoes. They are more suitable for casual running or everyday wear, rather than intense running activities.

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