Stay Warm and Stylish with CIOR Winter Boots

By Athena

The CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II is a water-resistant, fur-lined boot designed to keep your feet warm and provide excellent traction. With a high sole and anti-slip guard, these boots are both stylish and functional. In this review, I will share my personal experience with these boots and provide my overall conclusion.

I recently received the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II and I must say, I am impressed. I followed the size chart and ordered the correct size for my foot. The boots fit perfectly and are incredibly comfortable. The easy on and off Velcro closure, along with the waterproof inner lining and fur lining, make these boots a pleasure to wear.

I have already tested these boots in various conditions, including hiking with my dogs and walking through mud, snow, and even ponds. The boots kept my feet warm and cozy, and I didn’t have to worry about getting my socks wet. The traction on the soles of the boots provided excellent grip, giving me confidence in every step.

Water-Resistant and Warm

The CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II are designed to be water-resistant and provide warmth during the winter months. The boots feature a high sole with an anti-slip guard, ensuring traction on slippery surfaces. The easy on and off Velcro closure, along with the waterproof inner lining and fur lining, make these boots convenient and cozy. Whether you choose to tuck your pants in or keep them out, these boots will keep your feet dry and toasty. With their superior warmth and comfort, these boots are perfect for outdoor activities like hiking or walking your dogs in cold and wet conditions.

Comfortable Fit

Customers have praised the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II for their comfortable fit. The boots are true to size, and the size chart provided by the brand is helpful in selecting the right size. The boots offer a perfect fit with room to wear thick socks for extra warmth. The quality construction and materials ensure a comfortable experience while wearing the boots. However, some users have mentioned a slight issue with the zipper getting caught easily. Overall, these boots provide a comfortable fit and keep your feet cozy throughout the day.

Stylish Design

The CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II feature a stylish design that has received positive feedback from customers. The cute snowflake pattern adds a touch of charm to these boots. They are also adjustable around the top, allowing for a personalized fit. The boots come up to just below mid-calf, making them suitable for various heights. Despite their fashionable appearance, the boots prioritize functionality with a panel behind the zipper that helps keep moisture out. Overall, these boots offer a balance between style and practicality.

Quality Concerns

While the majority of customers have had a positive experience with the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II, there have been some quality concerns raised by a few users. One customer reported that the protective lining between the zippers fell apart due to a quality issue. Another customer mentioned that the structure of the boot seemed to be wider and taller than expected, causing discomfort and difficulty in walking. Additionally, the tongue where the laces are located is not sealed, which may allow snow to enter through the laces area. It’s important to consider these potential quality issues before making a purchase.

Sizing Considerations

Customers have noted that the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II have different sizing compared to regular shoe sizes. Some customers had to order a size smaller than their usual size to ensure a proper fit. It is recommended to carefully check the size chart and compare it to your foot measurements before purchasing. Additionally, some customers found the boots to be loose around the ankles, which affected their walking experience. Taking these sizing considerations into account can help you find the right fit and avoid any potential discomfort.

Return Policy

It’s important to be aware of the return policy when purchasing the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II. One customer mentioned that the return date was not sufficient, as it did not extend beyond November 23. This limitation may cause inconvenience if the boots do not fit or meet expectations. It is advisable to contact Amazon or the seller to inquire about an extended return time, especially if buying as a gift for the holiday season. Being aware of the return policy can provide peace of mind and ensure a hassle-free shopping experience.


  • The snow boots have a high sole with an anti-slip guard, providing excellent traction and preventing slips on icy surfaces.
  • The boots have easy on and off Velcro with a waterproof inner lining and fur lining, ensuring warmth and protection from the elements.
  • The boots are versatile and can be worn in various outdoor activities like hiking, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable.


  • Some customers experienced issues with the zipper, finding it easy to get caught or malfunction.
  • The boots may run a little large, causing a loose fit and potential discomfort while walking.
  • The traction on icy surfaces is not the best, although it is not the worst either.


    Overall, the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II has exceeded my expectations. They are not only stylish but also highly functional. The quality of the boots is impressive, and they offer great value for the price. I appreciate the attention to detail, such as the adjustable Velcro closure and the waterproof inner lining. If you’re looking for a reliable and comfortable pair of snow boots, I highly recommend the CIOR Women’s Snow Boots Winter II.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are the boots true to size?

    Answer: According to customer reviews, the boots generally fit true to size. However, it is recommended to refer to the size chart and consider ordering a half size down if you prefer a snug fit.

    Question: Are the boots waterproof?

    Answer: Yes, the boots have a waterproof inner lining and can keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Some customers even mentioned tucking their pants into the boots for extra protection against water.

    Question: How comfortable are the boots?

    Answer: The majority of customers found the boots comfortable and warm. However, a few mentioned issues with the zipper and the lack of cushioning in the bottom, which affected the overall comfort for them.

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